Register For 2019-2020 Dance Season!  

Children's dance classes begin on August 12, 2019















1. Registration fee: $45 per family - paid with check to Delray Beach School of Dance, or cash at time of registration.

2. Dance uniform fee is $35 per student - paid with check to Delray Beach School of Dance at time of registration.

3. Dance tuition is monthly auto-pay. Valid Credit Card information will be required at time of registration.

Registration for 2019-2020 dance season is on August 5-8 at 4:00-6:00 pm.  

All dance classes resume on August 12, 2019.









What makes us different from other dance programs - 

  • Dance classes are limited to 6-8 students

  • Every child receives personal attention and progress feedback

  • Carefully created age appropriate curriculum

  • All classes are professionally taught in a friendly and caring atmosphere

  • Performance opportunities in the winter and spring recitals


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