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Teacher and Founder

Veronika Shteynberg was born in Ukraine – and into a culture with a strong orientation to classical Ballet.  She began formal studies when she was 7, and later studied at the Choreographic Institute in Donetsk until she was 17, subsequently performing at the Performing Arts Theatres of Opera and Ballet in Donetsk, Makeyevka, eventually dancing with her company as far afield as Japan, and Taiwan.  Gisele, Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, and Carmen are among the many ballets Veronika performed in professional repertory.


Her training was rooted in the rigorous classical approach known as Vaganova technique – with strong emphasis on precision, elegance, dramatic jumps, flexibility and extension.  Extraordinary strength in the torso provide unified and harmonious use of the entire body.  Vagonova training has equipped Veronika with a rich and varied inventory of teaching methods with which to inspire and motivate her students to the highest levels of achievement.


Veronika formerly taught in Ukraine and has extensive experience training theatre actors, teaching ballet to professional ballroom dancers, and teaching and choreographing for children ages 3 and up, teens, and adults in pre-ballet, jazz, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, and pointe technique.


Ballet is a lifelong passion for Veronika, and it is her great privilege and pleasure to be able help shape young dancers, and share her extensive knowledge and expertise.


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